What is COBRA ?

COBRA is a high end Emergency Management (EM) Support System


for operational, tactical and strategic data and information sharing and processing

and optimised decision making.


COBRA is a software platform that can be accessed over secure private servers via a standalone software or via a mobile device.


COBRA is a collection of tools to facilitate the emergency management processes at all levels, from the local command post up to the strategic decision making centre where teams decide upon major response strategies or the crisis communication policy.


COBRA integrates in one system technical tools (such as dispersion, effect calculus models), alerting tools (CAP compliant messages, SMS, voice, screen alerting), cartographic tools (compatible with the .KML format), administrative tools (logbooks, damage assessment forms, ...), collaborative tools (resource management, joint analysis, dynamic emergency plans), encyclopaedic tools and a possibility to link all these systems with real time sensor input (SCADA, CBRNE detectors, water flow, electrical grid status, or virtually any other monitoring system).

Some Key Characteristics

  • Easy hands-on cartographic tools


  • Multi-level, user and scenario dependent visualisation


  • CAP compliant alerting tools


  • Highly functional logbook, resource tracking and management, user management


  • Symbol and report template libraries for global use


  • Easy to use report and template generators


  • Integrated graphics tools


  • Modular e-doc library with pre-loaded or custom added documentation, operational procedures


  • Capable of loading digital emergency plans (SEPP compliant from onset)


  • Customisable to link in real time with multitude of sensor types


  • Easy to implement


  • No-surprise pricing models

What can you do with COBRA ?

COBRA is not only a tool for real time collaboration between emergency responders and emergency management teams.


COBRA is intended to serve as a software tool for the full emergency management cycle:

  • Reduction: to perform risk & hazard analysis
  • Readiness: to build scenarios, integrate the digital emergency plan, serve as training tool and support exercises
  • Response: serve as primary tool for the support of the Emergency Management decision making and real time tracking
  • Recovery: as a collection of "all that happened" to facilitate After Action Reporting (AAR) and become a Lessons Learned instrument


COBRA can be used to:

  • Make assessments based on cartographic visualisation combined with analysis using one of the multiple dispersion/effect tools embedded in COBRA.
  • Optimise emergency response capabilities (resources) by storing them in COBRA and dispatching in the most effective and efficient manner in real time.
  • Store the digital emergency plan, allowing user oriented (functional) access to specific parts of the plan, based on scenario and type of user.
  • Develop and store electronic forms, either NIMS, UNDAC, INSARAG, INTERPOL, NATO, EU, ... compatible pre-existing forms or client-specific forms.
  • Alert emergency management teams with CAP compliant alerting tools (via SMS, voice, ...).
  • Inform organisation-wide or to specific user groups through alert statusses, tickers, direct messaging, reporting or selective logbook access.
  • Use sensors (CBRNE, water level, electrical status, SCADA, ...) in real time to visualise on COBRA and to be used as triggers for specific response actions.
  • Collaborate through all levels intra-organisation and with third party limited access rights using a variety of tools, in dissemination or interaction mode.
  • Export all information in various formats to open standard applications.
  • Hosted application, standalone or mobile device access


  • High data security


  • Accredited for use in military environment


  • Fully customisable user management


  • Compatible with multiple open standards


  • CBRNE effect models integrated



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